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Coding style:
DisignTime support (to place on UserControl, Window, Page): LocalizeDictionary.DesignCulture="en[-us]"
(This property only can be set at DesignTime and only works at DesignTime.
If you want to change the Culture at Runtime, LocalizeDictionary.Culture has to be set.)

{LocText Assembly=Assembly, Dict=ResourceDictionary, Key=ResourceName, ForceCulture=CultureName}
(Key has to be set, all other properties are optional)
{LocText Assembly:ResourceDictionary:ResourceName}
{LocText Assembly::ResourceName}
{LocText ResourceDictionary:ResourceName}
{LocText ResourceName}

Default Dictionary is the project .resx (located in property folder)
Default Assembly is the executing Assembly (changeable in LocalizeExtension.Assembly)

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