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Change log

The library is under static development in order to improve it continuously with more features. This change log will give you an overview over the past milestones.

v1.1.0 > v2.0.0

  • Closed issues 7128, 6129 and 4018
  • Fixed bug of discussion NullReferenceException in LocExtension
  • Introduced ILocalizationProvider interface
    • Call GetLocalizedObject(...) for resolving a localized value
    • Sign in to ProviderChanged and ProviderError for notifications about provider changes and errors
    • Get the list of AvailableCultures
    • AttachedProperty Provider and DefaultProvider for LocalizeDictionary
    • ResxLocalizationProvider singleton implementation for full backward compatibility (for small changes please refer to Multiple assemblies and dictionaries)
    • CSVLocalizationProvider example
  • Needs at least XAML Markup Extensions v1.1.3

v1.0.4 > v1.1.0

  • Small bug fixes
  • Silverlight 5.0 support

v1.0.3 > v1.0.4

  • Changed to XAML Markup Extensions v1.0.2 (list support)

v1.0.2 > v1.0.3

  • Changed extension base to XAML Markup Extensions
  • Default dictionary and assembly feature
  • Automatic key retrieval feature
  • Nesting capability feature

v20091031 > v1.0.2

  • Small bug fixes
  • Source code transferred to GitHub
  • Deployment over NuGet

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