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Our first localized text

With the window or control control properly prepared in the previous section, we can now create our first localized text. Create a key named Test in your resource file(s) and give some distinct values to it (e.g. "Hello World" for culture "en" and "Hallo Welt" for culture "de").
Now, create a button with our extension set to the Content property:

<Button Content="{lex:Loc Test}" />
Note, that Test was our key in the resource file. That's it - you're done!

Target types

The LocExtension automatically retrieves the type of the target property and tries to find a TypeConverter for this type. By additionally supplying a converter for Bitmap (from resource files) to BitmapSource (WPF) all normal cases should be covered. If you encounter an unsupported conversion, feel free to write a working converter code and make a pull request to our GIT repository. You may also provide a custom IValueConverter (Converter) along with a converter parameter in the LocExtension.
Enum types are supported in general and do not need any specific converter.

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